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Sew a Softie - Cloud Pillows

Sew a Softie - Cloud Pillows


Welcome back to Sew a Softie! We have Cloud Pillows! With ball fringe! Because everything is better with ball fringe. And everything is even better with my favorite 10-year-old model, especially when she is also a unicorn.

These cloud pillows are really simple to make. I have provided a template for large and small clouds, but it is just as easy to draw your own shape. For the fabric, I used cotton velveteen and a textured woven cotton. Use what you like! Linen, wool, cotton, corduroy would all work fine.

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You will need:

For Large Cloud-

3/4 yard for large cloud

2 1/4 yards of ball fringe trim (only for children above 3 years of age)


For Small Cloud-

3/8 yard fabric for small cloud

1 3/4 yards of ball fringe trim (only for children above 3 years of age)


For Both Clouds-


Coordinating thread

Small and Large Cloud Pillow templates

Basic sewing tools including a sewing machine

Zipper foot for your sewing machine (optional)



  • Full-size templates for the Cloud Pillows are included. Click on the link above to access the templates. There are 7 pages for the large cloud and 4 pages for the small cloud. Prepare the templates according to step 1 in the instructions below.

  • Due to the ball fringe trim, Cloud Pillows are not intended for children under 3 years of age. The Cloud Pillows can also be made without the trim.


Finished Size:

Small Cloud Pillow: 10" x 21" x 5"

Large Cloud Pillow: 13" x 28" x 7"



  1. First, prepare the templates. Print the template pages and cut out the pieces. Tape the pieces together along the dotted lines, matching the letters indicated on the sections.

  2. Next, cut the fabric. Cut two pieces for each cloud, making sure to have pieces that are the mirror image of each other. If you are using velveteen or other fabric that frays easily, zig-zag all around the pieces, close to the edge.

  3. With one cloud piece right side up, pin the ball fringe all around the edge, with the pompoms facing towards the inside of the cloud. (Contrasting ball fringe and thread used in photos for clarity.)    
  4. Baste the ball fringe to the cloud along the center of the ball fringe tape.
  5. Place the matching cloud right side down on top of the first cloud, sandwiching the ball fringe in between. Pin the clouds together.

  1. With the zipper foot on your sewing machine, stitch around the pillow close to the pompoms on the ball fringe. The exact seam allowance will depend on the size and type of ball fringe you are using. I used a 3/8" seam allowance. If you do not have a zipper foot, use a regular foot and stitch as close as you can to the pom poms. Leave the opening for stuffing as indicated on the template.

  1. Trim the seam allowances of the fabric if they are very wide, but do not trim the woven part of the ball fringe as the trim may start to fall apart. Clip the curves carefully.

  2. Turn the pillow right side out through the opening. Stuff and sew the opening closed by hand with a ladder stitch.


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