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Sew a Softie - Kid Ambassador

Sew a Softie - Kid Ambassador

A super fun part of Sew a Softie are the Sew a Softie Kid Ambassadors. This year my 10-year-old (she has been my Sew a Softie model) was chosen to be part of the group. She invited a friend over for a sewing party and they decided to make smaller versions of my Frederick and Eloise. I designed these guys for Sew a Softie for the Festive Season last December. You can find that tutorial here. I think the ones the girls made are even cuter!

The girls chose the felt, fabric, and buttons. They cut all of the appendages freehand and sewed the button features on by hand.

They sewed the body together by machine, stuffed the animals and hand sewed the opening closed.

 Kid work is so wonderful! Check out the other Sew a Softie Kid Ambassadors here!



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