Bright Hopes

The Bright Hopes Collaborative Quilt Project gives those without a permanent home a sense of place, wherever they are, with a quilt that they make themselves or that has been made especially for them. Bright Hopes has three community based programs.

Through QuiltGIVING, we make one-of-a-kind quilts that are given to homeless children living in temporary shelters. The quilts are theirs to keep wherever they go. Bright Hopes for Baby blankets for newborns are also donated through QuiltGIVING.

With QuiltCOMMUNITY, Bright Hopes partners with other groups such as scouts and differently-abled adults in day treatment programs to teach sewing and make quilts to donate through QuiltGIVING. We also work with students on community service projects.

QuiltWORKS offers on-site quilting workshops for individuals living in shelters or other temporary housing. With QuiltWORKS, each participant makes his or her own quilt to keep.

You can find out more about Bright Hopes Collaborative Quilt Project at